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The Mason Street North mixed-use project will create a lively and visually appealing focal point at the edge of Lee Martinez Park on the fringe of the historic downtown core of Fort Collins. The site's location at the end of the Mason Street Transit Corridor and its proximity to the recreational opportunities offered by the Park make it an ideal location for a mixed-use neighborhood center.

Building A
The eastern building (A) is two buildings connected by an overhead bridge. Traditional brick detailing and large storefronts face out onto Mason Court. Office, personal service, or light retail uses are proposed for the main level with four individually designed residences above.

Building B
The middle building (B) is composed of two long wings connected by the second level living space of one of the eight residential lofts. This overhead bridge creates a well-defined entry to the landscaped courtyard beyond. Office uses are directly accessed off the courtyard as are the entry stairs to the upper level residences.

Building C
The largest building (C) is placed at the western edge of the site, adjacent to the recently completed Martinez Park Community. Office uses are located on the main floor above an underground parking garage. There are eight, two-story residences accessed by an elevator. Vaulted living areas, open plans, upper level master suites, and covered terraces are provided for a variety of home sizes.

The unique design of each residence allows prospective homeowners to choose from a variety of different plan configurations and orientations. A diverse range of sizes and prices are available for you to choose from.

The overall site design creates a memorable sense of place because each building does its part to shape a series of well-defined outdoor rooms. The generous open space provided between and around the buildings will be designed with a variety of hard and soft surfaces to encourage casual gathering and neighborly interaction.

The mix of uses will create a 24-hour presence and vitality. Convenient parking is provided underneath Building C and adjacent to each building. A number of single car garages are also provided for those homeowners who desire them.

Martinez Park provides convenient access to a variety of recreational opportunities. The restaurants and services of Old Town and the Downtown Civic Center district are just a few minutes' walk to the south.

Mason Street North's design creates the potential for a vibrant sense of community adjacent to Martinez Park. Traditional brick architecture combined with a variety contemporary design elements create a fresh but timeless character.

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